Some experts believe that sucking on a pacifier can actually improve the quality of an infant’s sleep. Most parents will, at some point, reach for a pacifier to soothe their little ones, but not everyone uses the best pacifiers. A new and improved pacifier may be the best option when it comes to infant health.

We recommend Ninni Pacifiers to all new parents with breastfed babies, and we’re here to tell you what makes them special. Read on to learn more.

Better Infant Oral Development

Babies are always growing, changing, and strengthening their new muscles, even when it doesn’t seem like it. This is true even when they’re calmly sucking on their pacifiers. They’re strengthening the muscles in their mouth, which will later become more important when it comes to essential things like speech development. 

Traditional pacifiers for babies aren’t the best for this. While not directly harmful, they don’t encourage the most ideal tongue placement for the baby. The Ninni Pacifier, however, does encourage ideal tongue placement due to its unique shape.

Many professionals believe that it is currently the best in the market when it comes to the healthy development of those important muscles in your baby’s mouth. 

Healthy Suckling Habits

There are many things that contribute to a baby’s ability to comfortably breastfeed. Some new parents find that their children have considerable difficulty latching and suckling while others have babies who have no issues at all. There are some outside factors involved here, so if you want both you and your infant to have an easier breastfeeding experience, you should do everything in your power to make it so. 

Believe it or not, the pacifier you choose can have an impact on your child’s breastfeeding habits. Making a change to the Ninni pacifier could be the answer to some of your breastfeeding woes. 

As we mentioned before, this pacifier encourages proper tongue placement for your infant. As a result, your infant will likely also use proper placement when nursing, which will improve their ability to breastfeed without issues. 

They’ll also be less likely to develop certain dental problems in the future that can result from long-term pacifier use or breastfeeding if the child doesn’t develop the right muscles. You can breastfeed your child for longer without worrying about their oral health. 

The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding (alongside age-appropriate foods and drinks) until a child is two years old (or older) as long as it’s sustainable for the parents. If you reduce the risk of potential oral health issues with the Ninni Pacifier, this becomes far more viable (and comfortable) for nursing parents and children alike.

Reduce Chances of Nipple Confusion

Have you heard of nipple confusion? It can be stressful for both parents and infants, and it may get in the way of you and your infant’s breastfeeding journey if you don’t get ahead of it.

Nipple confusion is when breastfeeding babies become confused or have difficulty switching between breastfeeding and suckling on artificial nipples, such as the ones that we use on baby bottles or traditional pacifiers. This confusion is more common when an infant is introduced to bottle-feeding or pacifiers too early, typically before breastfeeding is well-established.

Breastfeeding requires a different sucking technique than sucking on a standard baby pacifier. When a baby nurses at the breast, they use a combination of tongue and jaw movements to extract milk.

These tongue and jaw movements are different on a pacifier and the baby won’t be able to get milk from it despite their best efforts. They’re also different from the bottle, as the baby uses different mouth movements, and the milk comes more easily. 

Because of the innovative and unique design of the Ninni Pacifier, nipple confusion is less likely. Not only will it be better for your baby overall, but it will also make it easier for your baby to transition back and forth between the breast and the bottle, which can be a lifesaver for nursing parents who still need to work and pump milk for later feedings. 

This also makes it easier for the non-nursing parent to feed their children breastmilk without the confusing transition to the bottle. 

Safe and High-Quality Materials

This is a huge concern when it comes to products for infants. Parents want to know that the products that their babies will be putting into their mouths are safe. With the Ninni Pacifier, you can be sure of that.

The Ninni Pacifier is made in the USA out of 100% medical-grade silicone. This means that it’s a safe and high-quality product that you can trust. 

The pacifiers are BPA, phthalate, and PVC-free. Unlike some questionable “cheap alternatives” on the market, Ninni is clear about the materials that they use. They aim for complete safety when it comes to babies. 

Easy to Clean

Let’s face it: cleaning many infant products can be tricky and messy, but it’s necessary. After all, they’re going in your baby’s mouth! You need to keep your baby safe by removing any lingering bacteria or debris, and a baby that loves to spit their pacifier out onto the floor where it can collect dirt makes this a challenging endeavor.

The Ninni pacifier is super simple to clean, making it safer for babies and more convenient for parents. Parents can throw it right into the dishwasher so it can get a thorough clean and be ready for the baby again as soon as possible. 

Are Ninni Pacifiers Right for Your Baby? 

Ninni Pacifiers are fantastic for newborns due to their ability to improve the development of their oral muscles, their safe materials, and the possibility of avoiding tricky nipple confusion. If you have a newborn (or one on the way), it’s time to buy some of these special pacifiers so you always have one on hand. 

At Kentucky Breastfeeding Center, we aim to help all new parents along their breastfeeding journey. We offer the support and education you need to help your new baby thrive. 

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