Are you just beginning your breastfeeding journey or planning to welcome a baby soon? If so, you’re probably learning that breastfeeding isn’t always easy or comfortable. In fact, the pain and irritation can make it feel easier to give up.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Read on to learn how Silverettes can offer comfort and healing to breastfeeding parents!

What Are Silverettes?

In short, Silverettes are small cups that fit over a breastfeeding parent’s nipples. Made from 925 silver, these medical-grade cups are meant to be worn between feedings or pumping sessions. They protect nipples and provide relief to nursing parents.

Similarly, for pumping parents, nipples can become sore quite easily. The suction and repeated pulling sensations can be painful over time. And with the need to pump or nurse frequently in the early days of parenthood, feeding sessions can be emotionally challenging, too. 

These small cups can provide relief for those who pump intermittently or exclusively. As a result, they can help parents on the fence about continuing to breastfeed build stamina.  

The benefits of breastmilk are well known. Breastmilk’s nutrients can be absorbed better by babies and help fortify their immune systems. Breastmilk also can help reduce the potential for asthma, type 1 diabetes, and other problems. 

An uncomfortable breastfeeding experience can derail these benefits, however. Silverette cups are a simple and effective solution to help parents recharge. They help ensure that nipples are nourished and protected between feedings.

Understand Their Unique Design

Silverette cups are made in Italy and endorsed by medical professionals and nursing parents. Forged by silversmiths in Italy, their simple yet effective design is key to earning them such positive feedback. 

Silver is a metal with natural healing properties. The 925 silver designation means Silverettes are made from a silver alloy and contain 92.5% pure silver. The remaining metals may be zinc or copper. 

The distinct shape of Silverettes is designed to fit comfortably over each nipple and the surrounding skin. They are able to stay in place beneath a nursing bra and absorbent pad without any additional attachments. Just use a little bit of expressed breastmilk to help lock them in place. 

When worn, Silverettes are barely detectable. Unlike creams that can feel oily underneath clothing, Silverettes are not as obvious.

Silverettes come in two different sizes. The regular size is the most commonly used one. But there is an XL size with a larger diameter, as well.

With either the regular or XL, you won’t see any changes in the height of the cup. In other words, the distance between where the cup touches your skin and the space for the nipple is the same. 

You’ll notice that the cups may change color a bit after repeated use. This is a naturally occurring process because of the silver within them. Even with some tarnishing, these small cups remain safe to use.

Know the Benefits

When you’re hoping for a more pain-free breastfeeding and pumping experience, Silverettes can be an excellent solution. Regular breastfeeding can cause significant wear and tear on the nursing parent’s nipples. 

Especially for first-time parents, this can be excruciating. It also can hurt the ability to develop a strong latch in the baby’s first weeks of life. Further, painful nursing sessions can be emotionally draining. 

Topical creams are advertised as nourishing solutions. But they often fall short. That’s where Silverettes can be a more effective way to protect nipples. 

Silver holds anti-inflammatory properties. These qualities make Silverettes a soothing follow-up to breastfeeding or pumping sessions. You won’t feed throbbing pain thanks to the natural qualities of this precious metal.

Silverettes also act as a protective barrier for your nipples. They help prevent chafing from your bra or clothing in between sessions as you move around.

Further, silver holds antibacterial properties. You won’t need to worry about bacteria or germs lingering on your nipples. This, in turn, helps keep your breastmilk safe and clean for your little one. 

Know How to Use These Small Cups

Knowing how to use Silverette cups can help you maximize their benefits. You can wear them throughout your breastfeeding experience. And it pays to be diligent about wearing them in the early days or weeks when the milk supply is starting to come in. 

Think of these cups as both a preventative and healing measure. They help prevent ongoing pain. Plus, they offer immediate relief when you need to return to work or other tasks after a feeding or pumping session. 

Cleaning these small cups is easy, too. Because the silver within them is antimicrobial and antifungal, the cups already have built-in cleaning properties. Even so, you’ll still want to clean them.

You don’t need to reach for abrasive chemicals, as these can be too harsh on the cups. And you don’t even need soap. Instead, just rinse the cups in warm water after each use to keep them clean. 

Avoid Using Extra Creams

Another key benefit of Silverette cups is that they reduce or even eliminate the need to apply topical creams. Instead, the healing properties of the Silverettes do the work. Silverette cups help repair and soothe skin so it won’t become dry and cracked.

It’s easy for breastfeeding parents to buy cream after cream in hopes of finding relief. However, buying lots of ineffective creams only serves to make the breastfeeding experience more frustrating. It also depletes a new parent’s budget and consumes valuable time. 

Without the help of Silverettes, the tender skin around the nipples can get chapped and irritated quickly. This makes any subsequent pumping or nursing experiences painful. Even the most supportive breastfeeding partner can’t take away this pain. 

Look Into Silverettes

Silverettes can make your breastfeeding journey easier. These small cups protect the delicate skin of the nipple to make latching or pumping less painful. They’re easy to wear and maintain, and they can help new parents avoid buying ineffective creams. 

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