Prenatal Education

Pregnancy is beautiful. So is being prepared.

You have the nursery ready. You’ve read the parenting books. You even took that birthing class from the hospital. Now, it’s time for you to prepare yourself for breastfeeding.

Many parents think this is something that is going to come naturally, so they tend to wait until postpartum to tackle it. The problem is, breastfeeding is nearly never a one-size-fits-all. Your baby is sleepy due to birth, you aren’t sure what to do, and you haven’t even opened your pump yet!

This is where our team comes in. Not only have we spent thousands of collective hours with lactating parents, helping them feed their babies; we have personally been through it as well!

During a prenatal education consult, we discuss your health history, your specific goals, and any previous experience and how we can do things differently this time around. We make a sustainable plan so that you have appropriate expectations and can stress less when it comes to breastfeeding.

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